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It sometimes feels like some topic regarding sun protection makes national news every week. As distributors of award-winning sunscreens and self-tanners, we are committed to keeping abreast of all the latest research and happenings in the industry. This blog brings you those topics concerning sunscreen safety, UV rays, self tanners and all information concerning sun protection.
Many of you may already be familiar with the latest disturbing news regarding a popular brand of sunscreen. For those of you who aren't familiar, this brand, that touts itself as "all natural, safe, water resistant and non-toxic," has been on the receiving end of some very bad publicity from their customers. Parents have been posting pictures on social media of themselves and their children with horrible sunburns after wearing this brand of sunscreen. It is a scary situation because we all assume we can trust our sunscreens to keep us safe. We wanted to take this opportunity to explain what makes our True Natural sunscreens safe and healthy to use.

A Vitamin D deficiency is not an excuse to spend large amounts of time in the sun without the use of sunscreen.

Synthetic Sunscreens

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Scientific studies by Switzerland’s of Pharmacology and Toxicology conducted in 2001 prove chemical sunscreens have detrimental consequences. Chemical compounds in sunscreens can accumulate in body fats and in mother’s breast milk. These chemicals mimic estrogen and can cause hormonal changes within the body such as increasing the size of the uterus...

Facts about SPF

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Sun Protection Factor Ratings (SPF)

SPF is a measure of a sunscreen's effectiveness in providing protection against UVB rays.

How much UVB does SPF 15 actually block? How about SPF 30? Based on the Colipa (European) sunscreen regulations:
For SPF 15, 93% of the harmful UVB rays are blocked
For SPF 20, 95% of the harmful UVB rays are blocked
For SPF 30, 97% of the harmful UVB rays are blocke...

Calculate Your Recommended SPF

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SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, increases the length of time you can stay outside in the sun without incurring sunburn or irritation from UV-B rays. At present there is no standard to measure protection from UV-A rays.

Calculate your recommended SPF:

  • Rate yourself:
    Select your skin type. The corresponding amount of time indicates how long you can stay safely in the sun before burning.
    Fair skin - 10 m...
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