All 14 Lavera Trend Sensitiv Lipstick shades rated "very good" by OEKO-TEST

In August 2009, ÖEKO-TEST gave many lipstick manufacturers the "red card". OEKO-TEST purchased one cream lipstick of each shade from 21 different brands in order to cover all shades sold in department and drugstores. (p.73 OEKO-TEST magazine). A total of 306 shades were analyzed in a laboratory to find out whether they contained either problematic or possibly hazardous ingredients. The range tested also included products from organic food stores.

The result:
The winners were certified natural cosmetic brands. Among them 14 shades from Lavera Trend Sensitiv, which all received "very good" and do not contain any of the ingredients listed below:

  • anilin
  • halogen-organic color pigments
  • tartrazin
  • aromatic substances, which might cause allergies
  • other aromatic substances
  • polycyclic musk compounds
  • possibly hazardous UV filters
  • PE/PEG derivatives
  • paraffins, petroleum products, silicones

For the Oeko-Test review itself, click here for the original german article and here for the english translation.

Since June 1992, Lavera Natural Cosmetics has been awarded top marks over 520 times.

Our Lavera lipsticks contain natural aromas – which are listed in the test under perfume "yes". (The INCI "perfume" category includes synthetic as well as natural fragrances and synthetic and natural aromas). In its evaluation OEKO-TEST criticized the packaging - the additional box they felt was not necessary - and was therefore only rated "good". Our packaging meets the legal requirements with regard to declaration of information and, therefore, we will continue to use the same packaging in the future. It provides the customers with the INCI ingredient information, the batch number, the best-before date and further manufacturer information, irrespective of any leaflets, which may be available. This would not be possible to provide just on the lipstick tube itself. Furthermore, Lavera Natural Cosmetics supplied OEKO-TEST with all necessary information with regard to color pigments used.

Press Clipping:

Lipsticks can cause rashes, translated report from;, upclive.atpress, July 31, 2009

Certain lipsticks can cause itching, rashes and possibly even cancer, the German OEKO-TEST magazine stated in its August issue. 121 of 306 lipsticks were only rated "adequate", 44 even "poor".

The lipsticks, which were poorly rated by OEKO-TEST included some of the expensive French luxury brands. "Buying expensive cosmetics often does not pay off." The lipsticks of eleven well-established brands, including Maybelline, Nivea and Max Factor, and luxury brands, including Christian Dior and Chanel, were only rated "unsatisfactory". Even some of the Börlind lipsticks, a brand sold in health food shops, were only rated "satisfactory" or "adequate". Natural cosmetics including Laverana (Lavera Trend Sensitiv Lipstick) received good marks.

Many of the products analyzed contained harmful substances. Some lipsticks contained e.g. tartrazin, an artificial yellow coloring, which may cause itching and rashes. The laboratory commissioned with the analysis of the lipsticks also found the toxic substance anilin in some of the products tested, a substance, which is believed to possibly cause cancer, said OEKO-TEST. Some lipsticks contained paraffins, petroleum products and other synthetic substances such as silicone. These substances are health hazards. Paraffins, for example, may accumulate in the lymph nodes. The consumer test magazine pointed out that according to the Cosmetics Directive manufacturers are legally bound to provide information on the color pigments used. Chanel, Dior and Procter & Gamble, however, refused to provide OEKO-TEST with this information!