After testing 306 shades from all 21 lipstick brands, Oeko-Test Magazine released a study in August 2009 that gave many lipstick manufacturers the "red card" (not good) for containing ingredients that could have long-term health effects. All 13 Lavera Lipstick shades were awarded the highest ranking possible for not containing harmful ingredients found in other lipstick brands.

KIRKLAND, Wash (PRWEB) August 10, 2009 -- German-based Lavera Naturkosmetik, a leader in "truly natural" beauty and skincare products recently received a "Very Good" ranking from ÖEKO-TEST--the Consumer Reports of Europe--for it's safe ingredients.

Lavera Lipsticks receive top marks from OekoTest Magazine In August 2009, ÖEKO-TEST released a study of 21 different brands of lipsticks sold in department and drug stores to analyze their ingredients and to identify problematic or possibly hazardous ingredients. As part of the study, ÖEKO-TEST purchased a total of 306 shades from all brands and gave many lipstick manufacturers the "red card" (not good) for containing ingredients that could have long-term health effects.

As part of this study, ÖEKO-TEST found that the winners of this test were all certified natural cosmetic brands. Among them were 13 shades from Lavera Trend Sensitiv line of lipsticks, all of which all received "very good", the top award possible, for not containing any of the ingredients listed below:
- anilin
- halogen-organic color pigments
- tartrazin
- aromatic substances, which might cause allergies
- other aromatic substances
- polycyclic musk compounds
- possibly hazardous UV filters
- PE/PEG derivatives
- paraffins, petroleum products, silicones

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Öeko-Test Magazine was started by a few journalists in 1985. It evaluates and ranks various consumer products for its effect on health & environment, helping stores and manufacturers to improve their products. It is similar to Consumer Reports in the US, but with a much stronger emphasis on consumer safety and health.

Lavera products have been awarded top marks over 520 times since June, 1992. Since then, more than 320 Lavera products have received "Very Good" reviews. In February 2008, Lavera's Self-Tanner was the only natural cosmetic product to receive a "Very Good" rating from the magazine. Öeko-Test Magazine rated Lavera as the #1 as the Greenest Beauty Brand ahead of 32 other companies (ahead of Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, Estee Lauder and L'Oreal), after testing over 1800 products!

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Since its founding in 1987, the Lavera brand has grown to include more than 300 natural and organic skin care products. Lavera health and beauty products are currently sold in more than 24,000 locations in 25 different countries. Lavera is the market leader in Europe for natural skin care with a 27 percent of the market share in general health and beauty products and 100 percent market share in natural sunscreen products meeting the new 2009 EU regulations. The North American Division was formed in the late 1990s and is headquartered in Kirkland, Washington. For more information on Lavera, please visit

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