Scientific studies by Switzerland’s of Pharmacology and Toxicology conducted in 2001 prove chemical sunscreens have detrimental consequences. Chemical compounds in sunscreens can accumulate in body fats and in mother’s breast milk. These chemicals mimic estrogen and can cause hormonal changes within the body such as increasing the size of the uterus.

Additionally, synthetic sunscreens are not immediately effective, requiring a 20-30 minute delay after application before it becomes effective.

A 100% natural mineral sunblock: Titanium Dioxide in cream form is a preferred delivery method. . This is absolutely safe, even for children, and protects immediately against UV A, B & C rays. It does not alter the healthy functioning of internal organs and reproductive hormones.

Synthetic sunscreen chemicals to avoid:

  • 4-Methyl-Benzylidencamphor (4-MBC)
  • Oxybenzone Benzophenone-3
  • Octyl-methoyl-cinnamates (OMC)
  • Octyl-Dimethyl-Para-Amino-Benzoic Acid (OD-PABA)
  • Homosalate(HMS)