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General Product Questions

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Is this product safe to use during pregnancy
Aug 6, 2015

Our products are made with natural ingredients that are non-toxic and safe.  In the case of pregnancy, we always recommend that you contact your physician about the specific product and ingredient listing. While many natural ingredients are fine to use during pregnancy, there are some that ...

Product in not coming out of the bottle.
Aug 11, 2015

If you are using a pump product from Lavera or True Natural and the product is not coming out even though you have tried pumping several times, it is because the product may have settled in the container during shipping. Its usually very easy to resolve this: Put the cap back on the product ...

Are your natural deodorants good for controlling odor and perspiration?
Aug 11, 2015

The True Natural 24hr Intensive roll-on is designed to control odor for those who are active so it should be an effective odor controller. It and all True Natural deodorants are made using alum crystals - a salt crystal - which is a natural method of controlling odor that has been used for centur...

Are your products tested on animals?
Aug 11, 2015

One of our main company principles is that none of our products are tested on animals. So no products listed on the site were tested on animals nor do we have other companies test on animals for us. The brands Lavera, Benecos and True Natural also do not sell to countries that re...

Since China conducts animal testing, can you confirm that you do not sell products to China?
Aug 19, 2015

We appreciate your concern! At, animal-testing is 100% against our philosophy. None of the brands we carry currently sells to China to undergo animal testing there. Lavera Germany, as of Dec 14, 2013, announced that they were no longer selling products to China until the animal t...

The ingredients listed on the product bottle I received are not the same ingredients listed on your website. Why is that?
Sep 24, 2015

The ingredient listing on the bottle is actually the same as what’s on our website but is in INCI format. The INCI format requires the scientific name and the CI numbers for the color, which is not suitable for the US.

Are free samples available so I can try your products before I buy them?
Oct 2, 2015

Yes, we offer a couple of options for samples! We have free samples available of the items listed here, or if you need a sample of another item such as foundation or a lipstick, we may be able to prepare a small vial for you. Please note that not all products can be sampled and for some, we may o...

What are "** components of natural essential oils" in your ingredient listing?
Oct 8, 2015

For products made in the European Union, EU rules requires that a product listing also include a list of possible skin irritants at the end of the listing. Products made in the USA do not have these listed, even though they likely also include these compounds. Examples of these components are Ge...

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