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The best skincare is the kind of care that goes deeper than the skin, not just to make us look good, but to make us feel better inside. It is care for our well-being and self-appreciation, care about the choiecs we make and the footprint we leave.


Deeper than skin is the philosophical essence of MADARA, meaning that beauty has a deeper impact. Ingredients can influence our body, health and the environment: production, sourcing and packaging processes all have their impacts. When producers and consumers realize how deep and wide these impacts are, it helps to make more informed decisions and choices on both sides of the counter


MADARA Products at a Glance

97% Organic

97% of all plant based ingredients are certified organic


Natural & Organic Certification

MADARA products are certified by ECOCERT according to the international ECOCERT/COSMOS standards which define and supervise ingredient sourcing, packaging and manufacturing processes.

100% Recyclable Packaging

100% of our primary packaging (e.g. bottles, flacons) is made of recyclable materials

Every Third Post-Consumer Recycled Packaging

In 2016, more than 1/3 of our plastic packaging (36%) was producted from post-consumer recycled plastics.

Energy Efficient Manufacturing

1 Product=971 kJ
In 2016, MADARA energy utilization was just 971 kJ (kilojoules) per 1 product manufactured, which equals the nutritional value of 2 large bananas.

Low CO2 Emission

In 2016, MADARA's total carbon emission was 67 Tonnes

Equal Gender Pay Ratio

Equal Gender Pay Ratio

Gender Diversity Ratio

Female employees at MADARA: 76.92%

Gender Diversity Ratio

Helping the Community

MADARA's contribution to NGO MARTA in 2016 provides 555 FREE of charge legal or psychological consultation sessions for victims of human trafficking and domestic violence, mostly women and children

External Validation

MADARA is audited by the independent organizations ECOCERT and Bureau Veritas