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Green Algae

What: Green algae are aquatic organisms containing chlorophyll, which gives it the green color. Green algae is often eaten and is a good source of Iodine, Calcium, Iron, Silicon, Copper, Zinc and Selenium. Algotherapy is the use of seaweed extracts in skin care and cosmetics. In the late 19th century, seaweed baths were a common luxury and this practice is still used in many spas today.

Green algae extract is commonly used in skincare as an emollient, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial ingredient. Seaweeds contain amino acids thought to help firm and renew tissue, and fatty acids which are said to support cellular membranes and fight against inflammation. This ingredient is said to hydrate, detoxify, and heal the skin. Due to its high levels of beta-carotene, green algae is said to be effective in treating such skin conditions as acne and eczema and could also accelerate wound healing.

Origin: Green algae (Seaweeds) grow mostly in shallow marine waters and are very rich in natural minerals. Most green algae are aquatic and are found commonly in freshwater and marine habitats. Some are terrestrial, growing on soil, trees, or rocks. And some are symbiotic with fungi giving lichens.(Wiki).

Products Found In: Facial moisturizers, treatments, sunscreens, body care, firming products, lip plumper, bar soap, eye creams, lip gloss, after sun products.

Alternative Names: Extract Of Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, Seaweed Extract (EWG).

Variations: Green algae includes approximately 7,000 species.

Toxicity: Green Algae (Chlorophyta)is generally classified as non-toxic or harmful. (EWG).