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Cabbage Rose Flower Extract

What: Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract is an extract of the flowers of the cabbage rose, Rosacentifolia, and is also known as Cabbage Rose Extract. This flower extract is said to hold skin-conditioning properties and is also used as fragrance.

Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract is less concentrated than Rose Oil, but contains mostly the same benefits and therapeutic effects. The flower extract is thought to be more beneficial in toning the skin.

Origin: Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract is obtained from the flowers of the cabbage rose.

Products Found In: Shampoo, conditioner, facial moisturizers and masks, hand cream, toner, body wash, baby shampoo and lotion, eye cream, makeup, soap, perfume, after sun products.

Alternate Names: Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract, Cabbage Rose Extract; Cabbage Rose (Rosa Centifolia) Extract; Extract Of Cabbage Rose; Extract Of Rosa Centifolia; Rose Water, Stronger (Rosa Centifolia L.); Rosa Centifolia Extract; Stronger (Rosa Centifolia L.) Rose Water; Rose, Rosa Centifolia, Ext.; Cabbage Rose Flower Extract; Absolute French Rose; French Rose Absolute.

Toxicity: Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract is generally classified as having low toxicity (EWG).