It makes sense to start with the eyebrows. An Eyebrow Brush allows the hairs to be combed into place. Then with the Eyebrow Pencil, you can fill in and define the brows with fine lines.  The trick is to use short little strokes to fill in the gaps, and then comb your brows again to blend. 

Then comes the Eye ShadowEyeshadows add depth and dimension to your eyes, and using them can be a fun way to express your own unique beauty. Also, as you age, the eye area becomes less defined, so adding eye shadows are a great way to accentuate the positive! It’s amazing how your eye area opens up when you apply a light color to your lid, from the base of your eyelashes to the crease line. Using a darker color eyeshadow in the crease beautifully defines the eye area and does wonders for droopy eyelids. Adding a highlighting color under the brow provides a lifting effect. Accentuate your eye color with complementary shades to make your eyes pop: Blue shades goes well with brown eyes, blue eyes look great with bronze and brown tones, and nothing makes green eyes pop like eyeshadows with lavender and purple tones.

Eyeliner, applied after eye shadow, accentuates the eye, enhances its shape, and makes your eyelashes appear thicker. Think of it much the same way as a frame that is used to accent a beautiful painting or photo! You’ll want to draw a fine line as close to the base of your lashes as possible. It helps to use short dashes behind one another, which you connect at the end, forming a straight clean line. The Pencil Sharpener guarantees a thin tip. To make sure the liner does not break, you can put it in the refrigerator for half an hour before using.

When you line the bottom lid, keep the liner only on the outer half of the lid and close to the lash growth. When the eye is surrounded entirely by a rim of liner, your eyes will appear smaller, and the makeup can look a little harsh.

Mascara makes your eyelashes appear thicker, longer, and darker, and this makes your eyes appear larger and brighter!

To apply, hold the brush horizontally and, starting at the base of the lashes, move it back and forth while sweeping upwards. Repeat this step a couple times. To create a more dramatic sweeping effect, use an eyelash curler before applying the mascara.

When dipping the brush into the bottle, do not pump. This can force air deeper into the tube, and if any bacteria from your eyes come with it, this helps those germs to thrive. Air also causes mascara to dry out faster so it won’t last as long as it should. 

Note: Benecos mascaras are smudge-resistant, but they are not smudge-proof. The best way to prevent smudging with natural mascara is to wear it on your upper lashes only. While waterproof mascara causes no smudging, waterproof mascaras typically contains silicon as well as other ingredients such as parabens and propylene glycol, all ingredients we don’t want anywhere near our corneas!