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Are your natural deodorants good for controlling odor and perspiration?

Posted on Aug 11, 2015

The True Natural 24hr Intensive roll-on is designed to control odor for those who are active so it should be an effective odor controller. It and all True Natural deodorants are made using alum crystals - a salt crystal - which is a natural method of controlling odor that has been used for centuries. Its molecular structure does contain an aluminum atom but it is a large particle that does not absorb into your skin and is quite safe. This is different ingredient than the aluminum chlorohydrate that is found in mainstream anti-perspirants and is the cause of some health concerns.

The EWG rating (a 1 rating) for this ingredient can be found here: 

A good article on aluminum safety in antiperspirants can be found here:

We also have completely aluminum-free deodorants from Lavera that can be found here:

Note that they will be slightly less effective than the True Natural product in controlling odor.

Please note that all of the deodorants we list are NOT DESIGNED to control perspiration.