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Makeup FAQ

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Is Titanium Dioxide natural and safe?
Aug 11, 2015

Titanium Oxide is a naturally sourced mineral, just like the zinc oxide and iron oxides found in our makeup and suncare products. There is only limited evidence concerning carcinogen claims, and only when it is airborne and inhaled in large dosages. In a topical lotion or cream, ie mascara fluid...

Do you make any waterproof mascaras? I can’t wear non-waterproof mascara because I look like a raccoon by the end of the day!
Sep 24, 2015

If there was a way to make truly waterproof mascara with all natural and safe ingredients, we would! Unfortunately, the ingredients necessary to make a waterproof formulation are not ingredients we feel right about using. Plus, for anyone who has worn waterproof mascara regularly for long period...

Are free samples available so I can try your products before I buy them?
Oct 2, 2015

Yes, we offer a couple of options for samples! We have free samples available of the items listed here, or if you need a sample of another item such as foundation or a lipstick, we may be able to prepare a small vial for you. Please note that not all products can be sampled and for some, we may o...

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