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Product in not coming out of the bottle.

Posted on Aug 11, 2015

If you are using a pump product from Lavera or True Natural and the product is not coming out even though you have tried pumping several times, it is because the product may have settled in the container during shipping.

Its usually very easy to resolve this:

  1. Put the cap back on the product
  2. Wrap the product in a hand towel or soft cloth
  3. Turn the product upside down
  4. Smack the top of the product down on a counter firmly twice.
  5. See if it now pumps. Repeat steps if not.

The new style "airless" bottles helps your product last longer. It does not use a tube to pull product up from the bottle of the bottle. Rather it relies on the product being in contact with the underside of the pump itself. The above procedure helps to reconnect the product with the pump.

If you are still unable to pump out product after these steps, please contact customer service at 1.877.515.8783.